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The cooks for us is art, passion, way of being.
The search and selection of local and top quality products makes us proud to offer our customers a high quality cuisine, paying attention to details, freshness and genuinity.
An authentic cuisine is typically Mediterranean where innovation and tradition blend to finish in a plate balanced in taste, rich colors and heady fragrance capable of arousing pleasant taste and smell emotions.
Sitting at the table will be a pleasure to enjoy in peace, where every dish can find the right pair with your wine in a rich choice of selected wines, prepared by our sommelier.
In the Romagna evening you will taste the typical flavors of our land of Romagna so rich and famous of ancient culinary tradition.
In the kitchen we treat personally and we are  able to satisfy any palate and satisfy even the most demanding:  from rich breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with the pleasure of enjoying every day fish recipes, served with your favourite vegetables, choosing from the generous buffet.